Your Choice - Bluetooth LE and/or NFC

Either way you will have the most flexible and cost effective wireless temperature monitoring solution in the industry - and you will not be stuck with expensive infrastructure investments that do not grow with your ever changing temperature monitoring needs.

The Eigent Vector Temperature Monitoring System consists of:

  • Highly accurate, yet cost effective, temperature sensors which can transfer data via standards-based Near Field Communication (NFC) or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE);

  • Universally downloadable Apps for smartphones and tablets; and

  • Seamlessly connected web servers in the Cloud.

With a smartphone or tablet, simply download the ET app, configure and start the Eigent Vector monitor, and take temperature measurements.

With NFC, touch the monitor to upload the data into the smartphone or tablet, review the data on your device and then send it to your account in the Cloud.

With Bluetooth, the data can be retrieved from the Eigent monitor at distance and through boxes - no need to find the device. 

Data with GPS location can be analyzed and shared among authorized users in the Cloud. It can also be exported to external systems. Custom alarms and alerts can be configured to inform personnel.